Victoria & Dane Tutbury Castle Wedding

Another one of my spectacular weddings from this year! I traveled all the way to Dudley and to Tutbury Castle to capture this amazing wedding of Victoria and Dane or otherwise known as Tottie and Dane.

It was a lovely sunny day in September, felt like a summer day with beautiful, breathtaking views at Tutbury castle. Bride and Groom had traditional wedding ceremony at Tutbury church, following by celebration at Tutubury Castle, where later at night when we were surrounded by dark they had a medieval wedding ceremony. It was a very interesting and different experience, surrounded by candle lights and medieval traditions. 

Every detail of this wedding was very romantic and beautifully made, truly carefully thought through. Tottie and Dane were one of the loveliest people I have ever met, absolute pleasure to photograph. We had a little adventure around Tutbury castle during the day, exploring best places for best photographs. When the golden hour arrived we went back out to capture romance n the sunset.

Also have to admit, it was a very tasty and full of yumminess wedding meal that I also had a pleasure to enjoy ;-) 

Let the photos tell their story…

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