Harriet and George rustic wedding at a beautiful Brecon country side!

One of the most beautiful weddings from this year! The views of Brecon country side are just breathtaking. I met Tigg (or otherwise also known as Harriet) early morning at her parents beautiful country house. Getting ready process was very calm, full of laugh and happy atmosphere. I have to say Harriet was one of the most calm brides I have ever met on her wedding day. 

Wedding ceremony was held ad Christ College Church in Brecon. Lovely and pretty little church with lots of history where Groom and the guests patiently were waiting for the bridal party to arrive.

Wedding reception and celebration was held at bride’s parents land where fantastic and very original, large wedding tent was built and decorated for this special day of Tigg and George. Every little detail about this wedding was original, organic and rustically perfect! 

We had a sunshine, we had rain, we had full sky of dark and very impressive clouds that only helped to create more beautiful photos from this unique and beautiful day.

Will share some part of this beautiful country wedding in some images

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