Importance of Family Potography

Capturing the memories and those little special moments we live every day are so important. As every moment we live is gone in a blink of an eye.

I am a lifestyle photographer and I love capturing lifestyle moments…what ever it is…messy play…messy bake…reading books..walking in the forest…playing board games…walking on the beach or doing some pizza making fun… All of those moments spent together with your loved ones are special for you and them! That is why I feel lifestyle photography capture the relationship and beauty of your family in the best way. Children don’t like to be pressured into things…that is why often posed photos don’t go down so well. I love capturing my own family daily routines or special baking events, craft making or walking in the park. I also enjoy photographing those moments for other families. I feel honoured when families ask me to capture one day of their family life and trust me with keeping those memories for them alive. And most of all, these captured memories will live for a very very long time… When your children grow up and then their children… They will have those photos to look back on, remember the love, the fun and the beautiful childhood they had! Also it is important to have Mum and Dad, Grandad, Aunt or who ever you have in your life in those images…as it is great to photograph just children, but when they grow up, they will want to see their Mum and Dad being with them in those captured memories! That is why it is so important to make sure now and then you as a parent are a part of those family photos. Photos are very valuable things and even better if now and then they are done professionally!

Here are some photographs from a very ordinary family baking day :D Well…maybe a little bit messy.. but how much fun, so much laughs and happiness in a few hours of this baking experience! Mess, what mess… worth every minute of cleaning afterwards!

Please message me if you think you would love for me to capture these kind of or totally different kind of moments of your family day! Message me for more detailed information and bookings! :) 

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