Bronwyn and Jack at their Engagement photo session in Essex at Marks Hall & Gardens Arboretum

This was my first time ever traveling to Essex and I loved it, loved every moment of it! This is another reason why I love my job so much - opportunity to travel and see new places and meet new lovely people.

I traveled to Essex, spent a lovely weekend there and met Bronwyn and Jack, lovely fun loving couple with a tinge of heavy metal :-D as Jack plays in heavy metal band. Really lovely people and we clicked straight away.

We met at a beautiful location at Marks Hall Gardens & Arboretum. So much to see and explore there, what a beautiful place to relax, to have a walk, to enjoy the nature and most of all to photograph this lovely couple. 

Now even more so I am excited to return there next year for their wedding.

Here are some photos from their engagement session… 

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